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​Bringing together creatives and rebuild an Industry.


Reggae Bizz workshop is a creative industry workshop done annually during the month of February which is celebrated as reggae month in Jamaica. Each week a workshop is held during February which covers areas of the creative industry such as copyright, artist management, social media marketing and getting your songs into movies. Presenters of the workshop are leading experts in the creative industry and the workshop is free.  

J Wray and Nephew Ltd 
Team Building 


When J Wray and Nephew wanted to mobilise  their sales team ICPI was brought in to assist in making an already great team greater 

team building
music tour
Heart of Kingston Music Tour 

The Heart of Kingston Music tour takes you on an amazing journey of discovery highlighting the famous music spots downtown Kingston including Foresters Hall, Bob Marley's record shop site, Lee "Scratch" Perry record shop site, Prince Buster Voice of the People headquarter, the Jazz Hut, Big Yard and  Leggo Cash N Carry

Delivering the Dream 
Event Planning Workshops/Webinars


Event planning and execution are one of the growth areas in the creative industries. Event marketing has experienced exponential growth as many top firms have moved to include it in their overall marketing mix. With new trends in technology, human resource management and project management, it is necessary to update skills and learn how to do a successful event. 
Here is your chance to learn from a world-class team of trainers.



event planning and design
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