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Covid 19 creating opportunities for artists and their Management

If you are anything like most, your inbox is flooded with cancellation and postponement notices. It is a time of high stress, and it's precisely now that arts and culture are needed. Culture heals, soothes anxieties, and brings joy. At the same time, the reality is that the creative sector is one of the hardest hit by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, entertainment and art are negatively impacted; however, extensive research and analysis have revealed the resilience of the creative sector.

Nothing can hinder creatives for long because there will always be an alternative route to success. Under the correct supervision, artists can still use the opportunities that arise despite the global pandemic, and this supervision comes from the right team and a creative artist manager.

Similar to global best practices, Jamaica has been plagued by so many government-implemented steps to flatten the curve. These initiatives range from curfew hours, lockdown or no movement days, no public gathering, so no parties or social events. Without diving deeply into the effects of the pandemic, it is critical to understand the role of an artist manager.

It may be self-explanatory, but according to a writer from the Master Class group, artist management in the music industry is an incredibly hard and fast-paced job. Perfect for someone who loves music and wants to play a significant role in shaping an artist's career.

Many artists have risen amidst the pandemic, and it is would be fair to give some credit to their team, especially their artist managers. These are people committed to employing strategies to keep their artists' careers soaring despite social distance and extensive lockdowns. Encouraging their talents to focus on building their brand, create an online presence, spend more time in the studio, join relief programs, and travel outside of the country.

Currently, with so many artists becoming entrepreneurs, having a valuable brand is essential. Kareena Beckford, manager for Alkaline, claims she has been focused on brand management since the pandemic.

Beckford has pushed her client into selling products as merchandise (merch), namely t-shirts and CDs. In her attempt to keep her artist relevant, she ensures products are available online for sale to his fans.

Limited movements and home confinements have forced us to seek entertainment outside television cable and radio. Inevitably causes us to turn our attention to smart phones, Internet, books, and social media platforms, namely Instagram and TikTok.

Romeich Major of Romeich Entertainment has used social media to great effect for the artists under his guidance. Since the pandemic, there have been many Instagram live, posts and stories made by his artists. Additionally, he has used social media to do several drives for the less fortunate with his artists, including Ding Dong and Shenseea.

Showing your support to those in need can go a far way. Who wouldn't remember an artist helping the community children or a household of kids? These efforts are seen as extending an helping hand and a great marketing strategy. People grateful for the assistance would often support the person (artist) from whom the aid is coming. For example, Shenseea, on her Instagram page, posted, 'I'm giving away over 100 Tablets to support your child that has difficulty gaining access to participate in online schooling. I love y'all #ShenYengz.'

This kind gesture has put Shenseea in the minds of people whose lives she has impacted and will ultimately lead to them sharing their stories of how an artist has helped them. This approach is not a solo effort; it is a combination of the artist manager's ideas with the assistance of the rest of the artist's team.

In music production, the artist is the most crucial player; however, without the right team of managers and producers, the music being made may not be of any substance. The lockdown has created opportunities for artist managers to find producers willing to invest in artists, creating new music for their fans. Artists tend to sing about trending topics and lifestyles. They are now forced to stay at home, reflect and formulate alternative lyrics.

Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has dampened creatives' careers; however, many managers have utilised social media and digital solutions to remain relevant and push their artists to the International arena.

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