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Copyright an Important Part of a Company's Asset

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Copyright is a legal protection granted to original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium. Copyright is not a new concept. It is based on the idea that an author should be able to control how their work is shared and copied, and credited for it.

Copyright law safeguards authors by granting them the exclusive right to make copies of their work and prohibiting others from doing so without permission.

The copyright holder has the sole authority to grant others permission to exercise any of his or her rights. Without a license, anyone who authorizes the performance of an act that is the copyright owner's exclusive right infringes the copyright owner's rights and can be held liable. Authorization can be either explicit or implicit.

The Right of Owners

The copyright owner of any works has the exclusive rights to

Make copies or phonorecords of the work.

Create works based on the original work.

Publically disseminate copies or phonorecords of the work through sales, other ownership transfers, rentals, leases, or loans.

To perform publicly, If the work is a pantomime, a film or other audiovisual production, a literary, musical, dramatic, or choreographic work, 

To display the work publicly, If the work is a pantomime, a literary, musical, dramatic, or choreographic production, or a visual arts piece. This right also protects the individual images in a movie or other audiovisual work.

Perform the work publicly using a digital audio transmission if the work is a sound recording.

One of the most important aspects of a business is its copyright. It not only protects the company from potential lawsuits, but it also allows them to make money by selling its products or services.

Copyright laws differ from country to country, and a company must be aware of the laws in its own country.

There are numerous advantages to protecting a product or service. The first and most important benefit is that it safeguards your work against plagiarism and copyright infringement. Copyrighting your work also means you can sell it, which can provide you with additional revenue streams and profit margins for your company.

The value of intellectual property in business cannot be overstated. Companies would not be able to claim ownership or compensation for their work if it did not exist.

Without copyright, a company's intellectual property cannot be protected from theft or unauthorized use.

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