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5 Great Tips For Presenting Your Video Podcast

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Dennis Howard

1. Ensure your lighting is excellent. Lighting is important for your viewers to be able to see you. As the saying goes ‘you only have one chance to make a first impression’. The ability of your viewers to see you is essential to a great podcast. This can only be achieved through proper lighting. Whether your using natural or added lights, there are a couple means by which good lighting can be achieved. If you choose to use natural light, ensure that you position your set or background in a direction opposite to the source of natural light. For example, if your light source is coming through a window, put your set on the opposite side of that window. If you put your set behind the window, you will have what is called ‘back light’ issues. This means that the camera aperture will automatically reduce to compensate for the excess light; resulting in a dark set and making it difficult for your viewers to see you and your set properly.

Alternately, there are many affordable sources of artificial lighting on the market. These can greatly enhance your set. Popular choices include light umbrella, led lighting and ring lighting. However, if you don’t have the money to spare, any fluorescent or LED desk lamp will do. Lastly, using the light from another smart phone is better than relying solely on your room’s lighting.

2. Wear solid colours on your Podcast. Solids just look better on camera. While stripes checker and polka dots are often distracting and can make you look older. Additionally, avoid white, black and red – Black sucks up all the light; reds bleed on camera and can also be distracting; and white will make you look darker due to aperture adjustment from the camera. Hint-Pastels work very well.

3. Use a reliable functional microphone. While computer mics are ok, if you want your podcast to level up you need a good microphone. There are a variety of good inexpensive USB microphone on the market. Using one will ensure you are not only seen but benefit from good audio quality allowing your viewers to hear clearly.

4. Be prepared. Most good podcast have a few basic elements. They are well researched, better prepared and produced, and excellently executed. Research is important if you are to flow logically on your podcast. Preparation involves booking talent, prepping your guests, securing sponsors and organising your set for recording or going live. Production is having all your production elements prepared and set up so that your podcast can run smoothly without many glitches. Execution speaks to your presentation as a host, as well as the quality of the technical direction that should make your podcast an amazing experience for viewers.

5. Get to know your guests beforehand to guarantee that your Podcast is always great, make sure you take the time to get to know your guests. Chit-chatting beforehand allows your guest to be comfortable with you. This ensure that they are more relaxed to answer your questions, and of course they are also better able to deliver that engaging interaction for your audiences’ benefit.

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